People and organizations (Human resource)

Reflection on the process of preparing and delivering the recruitment & selection group assignment.

Students will be expected to draw on relevant material from the module to support their discussion

and reflection. Word count 2,000 words maximum.

For the role you have selected for the Employee Selection Group Coursework:

Task 1: Reflect on the job description and person specification you have designed for this role.

Making reference to academic sources, explain the process you followed to design these two

documents. (20%, approx. 500­550 words)

Task 2: Thinking about retaining your newly recruited employee, discuss the retention strategies you

can use. Justify your answer making reference to academic sources. ( approx. 500­550 words)

Task 3: Discuss the importance of performance appraisals for managing the performance of your

newly recruited employee. Make reference to academic sources to support your answer. (

approx. 500­ 550 words)

Task 4: Reflect on your resourcing strategy and make recommendations for improving your approach

to employee recruitment and selection in future. Use academic sources to support your

recommendations. (, approx. 300­350 words)


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