People’s willingness to participate in church development

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Assignment 3: Literature Review


This assignment enables students to conduct a more thorough investigation into the data that will support and inform their project. Students will gain research skills in identifying, locating and organising relevant data. Students will sharpen their critical thinking skills in writing a literature review that informs the implementation of the project. Process:

Students will search the electronic data base in the library on their project topic and (having sought and received permission) will draw on the resources in their organisation, such as previous projects, annual reports, archival records and submissions. Students will then critically analyse the extensive body of literature relevant to the topic which they have assembled and write a literature review to inform the implementation of the project in the unit

Project 2.

Your literature review is to include accounts of the following:

 how the extensive literature search was carried out, including which repositories of information were searched and a detailed account the how library electronic data bases were searched

 what you take ‘critical analysis’ to mean

 how the critical analysis of the corpus of documents was done

 areas of agreement and controversy identified

 themes emerging as a result of the critical analysis

 gaps in the literature

 researchers dominant in this area All students, on campus and online, should submit their assessment through the online submission portal for marking

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