performance appraisal procedure


Learners are expected to collect   background  information about their organization and analyze the performance appraisal procedure based  on the  department.               

Learners              will         write     three     reports each      about    1000       words


Each       learner is             expected             to            prepare a              case       study     about    his/her organization                containing           the         following             topics:                  

Organizational           structure             and        overview             of            the         different              departments     of        the         organization       (4            points) 

Analyze        the         department       performance     (4            points) 

Discuss         the         performance     appraisal              procedure,         criticize this         procedure           and        tool        and        how       can         you        improve               performance     appraisal              procedure           at            the        department       (4            points) 

Analyze the         management     cycle      and        discuss  to            overcome           weaknesses       of            the                department       (3            points)  

You        are         expected             to            use         materials             and        references          you        collected              from                the         onsite   training.