Personal Financial Planning Individual Assignment

Socially responsible investing (SRI) appears to be a growth area in the investment world, yet there are those who think it is not really competing with mainstream investments and as such has no real place in the investment industry.   It is suggested that SRI is merely another tool for the investment managers to use to help increase their sales.


You have been asked to write an article for a new local business club on the problems surrounding socially responsible investing.   You have been advised that some of the members are new to investing and have never come across the term socially responsible investing before.   Amongst other things you should consider whether there is evidence to suggest it is a growth area for investment and whether or not investors can rely on the ‘ethical’ nature of the investments they might make.  You should also address any other issues implied by the paragraph in italics above.

The article can include diagrams, bullet points, headings etc but the formality of a fully referenced piece of work should also be adhered to. 


It is expected full reference to relevant papers, journal articles and relevant materials will be included in your answer

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