Peyton Manning Goal Setting

New Philanthropy and Social Investing 

  1. Suggested Research Paper outline Format

(Note:  all direct citations and factual data should be footnoted according to standard format.  Papers are expected to be a minimum o5,000 words.

  1. Paper Outline
    1. Problematic – Issue
    2. Context
    3. Theory of Change & Approach
    4. Strategy for € 100,000 investment (Note, this is not intended to be a detailed budget, but an indication of how you would use this small ‘seed fund’ budget as a catalyst to make your project happen: personnel, training, website, etc.
    5. Impact Indicators and Anticipated Outcomes
    6. Analysis and Conclusions
  1. Methodology (How will you do your research and build your case?)
  • Annexes
    1. Bibliography – Sources
      1. Reading/websites
      2. Interviews (if possible)
    2. Interview Summaries
  1. Format
    1. Footnote references required for all quoted sources
    2. 5,000 words
    3. Numbered pages

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