Philosophy 335: Death and Dying Argument Paper.

 The source can be a blog, article online, newspaper article, etc. as long as the person writing the article has a PhD or is a professor at a university. If it does not meet those criteria, it does not count as a source. -Some ideal sources to use would be journal articles, books, or chapters from books. -You must have a properly formatted bibliography page. What exactly I’m looking for: -You should find a piece of writing that argues for a view you disagree with. -The focus of your paper will be to summarize that writing and then present counterarguments to demonstrate that the author’s view is incorrect. -You may also present your view and some evidence for it. -Here is a template you should probably use: I. Introduction: introduce the topic with a broad focus and finish with a focused, clear thesis statement. II. Summary: summarize the writing of the author you are critiquing. III. Response: evaluate and destroy the arguments of the author you are critiquing. IV. Objections: deal with possible objections to the counterarguments you make. V. Optional: Present your own view on the subject and offer positive evidence for it. VII. Conclusion: summarize all your main points. -You must meet all the requirements mentioned so far, exactly as they are stated -Your paper must be free of any grammar and spelling errors  -Proofread it over and over again -Read sentences out loud to make sure the language sounds right -Have someone else proofread it -Go to the writing center! -Read this before writing it if you struggle with writing: -Your paper must contain a sustained argument supported by research: -There must be a crystal clear, unmistakable thesis statement (“In this paper I will argue that…Here is how I will make my argument…” etc.) -You must make logical arguments supported by evidence in order to prove the point asserted in your thesis statement -You must stay on topic (do NOT ramble or add in random stuff to fill the pages) -Always remain clear, precise, and philosophical -You should write in a way that you never could have written before this class. In other words, you must use the stuff you have learned in this class. Topic: -The topic may be anything philosophical that we have discussed in class or read about Citations and plagiarism: -If you didn’t write it “off the top of your head,” then it has to be cited with quotations or an intext citation (whether quotes or in-text, it must have a spot in the bibliography) -Plagiarism (using other people’s work without citing it) is a serious offense and any students caught plagiarizing will be disciplined.