Philosophy of nursing.

After your introductions, use the headings Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion as level one headings. Incorporate level two headings in the Discussion to organize your paper. Your discussion of your findings and your own personal philosophy should be in Discussions. A template or example of how the body should be set up with first and second level headings is attached. Word count 1500–2000 words including a title page and paper. Reference page is not included in word count. Minimum of five non-text resources, no older than 2014, if a nursing journal is used must be a peer reviewed nursing journal. Summarize your personal philosophy of nursing, including nursing’s purpose, relevance, and importance. Identify a nursing theory that guides your nursing practice. Either Dorothea Orem self-care deficit theory or madeleine Leininger’s cultural care theory Relate the nursing theory to your personal practice using the theory’s metaparadigm concepts of nursing, person, environment, and health. Explain the importance of your personal philosophy to your contributions to nursing. Provide a concise example of how your personal philosophy is demonstrated in your nursing practice