Policy Briefing Book Assignment Write a policy briefing book of 10-15 pages should address a contemporary issue, debate, or problem in the international relations of East Asia with the aim of providing solutions. The briefing book should be written to a


Be sure to clear your topic with Professor Coleman in advance.  Some ideas are as follows; other suggestions are welcome, too.


Territorial dispute over Diaoyu/Senkaku islands

Territorial dispute over Dokdo/Takeshima islands

Territorial dispute over the Northern Territories/Southern Kuriles

Territorial disputes in South China Sea

Territorial dispute between China & India

Chinese ADIZ in the East China Sea

Comfort women issue

“History problem” between Japan and China and/or South Korea and/or US

Yasukuni shrine visits

Nuclear North Korea

Japanese abductees in North Korea

US realignment of forces on Okinawa & the Pacific

US Air-Sea Battle

North Korea-South Korea Relations & Unification

China-Taiwan unification

US-Japan alliance

Japan and collective self-defense

Japan and piracy

Japan and UN peacekeeping

East Asia and cyber-security cooperation

US-ROK alliance

US arms sales to Taiwan

US defense support for Taiwan

Japan going nuclear

Japan and immigration

China-Japan-South Korea Free Trade Agreement

Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact

Reforming the Asian Development Bank


East Asian Community proposals