Political Corruption – SHORT PAPER ASSIGNMENT

This essay should be five double-spaced pages with 12-point font and margins of 1-inch all around. You may use your books, lectures and notes, as well as any other sources you might want to consult. Answer the following questions: A. What are the special problems for political stability in a plural society?  Do these problems help us understand why some elections turn violent and others do not?  How might you design an institutional structure to best allow for political stability in a plural society?  What tradeoffs do the institutions you suggest imply?  Are there other factors that should be considered beyond political institutions?  Discuss at least two countries. Zimbabwe and Uganda from the PowerPoint provided. In writing your essay, references to both theories and cases are essential. In evaluating your paper, we will look for both good writing and substantive understanding. To substantiate your points, you may find it useful to include parenthetical references to course readings or lectures. For example: (Fisman and Golden, p. 88) or (Lecture, September 26, 2018). No bibliography is required.