Pop culture/ gender & sex

Description The assignment is: 1. Find a cultural artifact that has something to do with gender & sexuality. Choose The Hangover movie 2. Analyze how the artifact reflects mainstream ideas about gender and sexuality, using the questions below as a guide. 3. Final product: your assignment should apply course concepts and answers the questions. You need to to integrate at least 4 academic ((((peer reviewed)))) articles within your analysis to support you argument If it is not possible to link to or attach the artifact, make sure you have a description of the artifact in sufficient detail that the instructor can understand its relevance. In your analysis make sure to clearly identify how gender AND sexuality in popular culture. The questions are: 1. What message does the artifact send? What stereotypes or distortion does the artifact roly on to impart its message about gender and sexuality? What are the values or beliefs reflected in the artifact?? 2. What message is telling about our society? Does it reflect the real people in your communities? 3. How does this artifact perpetuate myths and/or misperceptions regarding gender and sexuality? 4. Who is the target audience for this artifact? In other words, who is it aimed at? Why/for what purpose? 5. How might the message present in the artifact impact your own or others attitudes about gender and sexuality? 6. What is an alternative way this artifact could have been done that would be more realistic or accurate or less stereotypical? If it is fairly realistic or less stereotypical, explain how?!