Four Tasks Portfolios are a series of tasks or communications compiled into one file. Please complete the following assignments in the exact order listed. Each assignment should be on a single page to show proper formatting, but all should be submitted in ONE document. Submit this as ONE Microsoft Word document. Name the file JonesM -PORTFOLIO Week One [Replace “Jones” with your name and place the initial from your first name immediately following.] Click on Week One Portfolio to attach your assignment. This week, you will be asked to put together a series of written communication that focuses on positive messaging for a variety of audiences. You will write a(n) 1. Letter convincing your supervisor that flex time is needed for students 2. Email to a subordinate who has not demonstrated culturally sensitivity 3. Response to an email inquiry about sexist language 4. Series of interview questions to those in your career field or your desired career field about the need for writing DETAILS 1. . Write a Formal Letter (e-Portfolio Artifact) Write a Formal Letter to a Supervisor or Office. See Unit 1, Module 2, p. 36 Imagine that your organization has a generous tuition reimbursement program, but currently employees must take classes outside of regular business hours. You’ve noticed that many classes you want or need at the local university are offered infrequently during evenings or weekends. Address your letter to the correct person or office. For Additional Guidance: Present a logical case with clear facts. Even though form letters can save money and time, do not use one in this case. Consider some of the questions found on p.36 under 2-16. Reference pp. 19-24 for guidelines on writing and positive messaging. See p. 129 for an example letter. 2.Write a Formal Email (e-Portfolio Artifact) Write a Formal Email to a Subordinate. See Unit 1, Module 3, p. 56 Imagine that you are a manager or supervisor at a company. Three days ago, one of your subordinates forwarded to everyone in the office a bit of email humor he had received from a friend. Titled, “You know you’re Southern when …,” the email poked fun at Southern speech, attitudes, politics, and lifestyles. Today, your employee sent the following message to you: Subject: Should I Apologize? I’m getting flamed because of the Southern message. I thought it was funny, but some people can’t take a joke. I’ve tried to not reply to the flames, figuring it would make things worse. I’m wondering now if I should apologize. What do you think? Answer the email and make suggestions about how the employee should handle the situation. For Additional Guidance: Remember that most companies have a policy that your email is legally reviewable. Using Module 3, especially pp. 48-54 in Unit 1. Reference pp. 219-221 for email formatting. 3.Write a Formal Memo (e-Portfolio Artifact) RESPONSE TO AN EMAIL BY WRITING A MEMO: Response to Inquiries. See Unit 1, Module 3, p. 57 As Director of Communications, you have received several complaints regarding sexist language. The following is a sample of some of the emails that have been sent to you.