Precedent Report

The precedent report, you will analyse at least 2-3 precedent works in the area of art or design that inform your design practice. You will provide a full visual and textual description of the works you choose to analyse and provide detailed evidence of how they influence your practice. The precedent report should take the form of an illustrated academic submission of 1,500-2,000 words, and should be fully referenced and captioned. ?

The report should consider how the investigated precedent was constructed, who constructed it, how it was designed, whether the construction adhered to the original design idea, how long it took to realise, who was involved in the process, how the materials were used and arranged. You should also provide details about the date and phases of construction, and reflect on the way the object of building relates to your design studio work and personal agenda.

In my precedent report, I want to write something related to water. It is because I have been working on things that related with water from my past projects and essay. I will write a Water Architect – Koen Olthuis and his work -The ocean flower in the Maldives.

   – Produce a 1,500 – 2,000 Precedent Report which looks at the work of an artist/ designer of your choosing, which informs your design practice.

– Demonstrate sustained, systematic critical research using relevant resources.?- Use appropriate methods of analysis, enquiry and experimentation?- Demonstrate the distinction between your own ideas and those of others through
the use of Harvard Referencing.

Reading List for the Precedent Report: ?

Cook, Peter, (2008). Drawing: The Motive Force of Architecture (Architectural Design Primer), London: Wiley and Sons. ?
Watts, Michael, (2010). The Modern Construction Handbook, Springer. ?
Tufte, Edward, (1997). Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and ?Narrative, Graphics Press USA. ?    

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