Process Analysis


For this assignment, you will choose a process and arrange specific details, steps, or stages of that process in a chronological order. There are two types of process that you can write about: a directive (or directional) process (frequently called a “how­to” document) and an informative process (how something works, is made, or occurs). The difference between the two process types lies in the purpose; however, the directive (how­to variety of writing) usually involves less analysis. A directive document mainly describes a set of instructions and expects a reader to be able to follow them. In an informative document, more analysis is usually expected. Once you have chosen a topic, you must identify what type of process you are using (directive or informative).


Write an 800­1200 word process analysis paper using a topic of your choice. You cannot choose a topic dealing with cars (such as how to wash a car or how change a tire or oil). You also cannot choose how to make a food item (such as Lasagna or Sriracha Chicken).


Your audience is not knowledgably about the process that you are explaining. You need to start with the basics. You also need to explain how your reader will benefit from the knowledge that you are providing. In other words, how will reading your paper benefit them? When, where and how will the knowledge prove useful? You will do best if you pick a subject with which you are intimately familiar. So that your document stands out among your classmates’ papers, pick a topic that is going to be engaging for your audience/reader. At least pick an unusual topic, one that “cuts against the grain”, or one raise your reader’s interest. Because this is called a process­analysis paper, you are going to be working on an additional skill: analyzing. The analyzing in a directive process part comes into play when you explain the reasons for performing certain steps. On the other hand, in an informative process, the analyzing will explain the effects of the process. Therefore, to write a successful document, you must focus your energy on accuracy of the steps and on explaining why those steps or stages are necessary or its effects. You may choose the topic Process Analysis by your own. I need an essay writing is not very complicated language for my class ENG 111.My native launguage is Russian. I study English only 1.5 year. 

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