Project Charter (Project Management)

A Project Charter is an important project planning tool. Generally, it sets the ground rules for the project such as authorizing the start of the project, naming the project manager with the appropriate authority to manage the project, outlining the project budget, having the appropriate senior management signatures, etc. On some projects and/or in some organizations, project charters are not always used or are inadequately completed. Poorly completed or no project charter in a project is not a best practice in project management.

Assignment Requirement:

Prepare a project charter for the case study:
Excellence on a Global Scale: EMC Teams with PMI to Launch World-Class Talent Development Program for Project Managers

The case study document is attached Excellence on a Global Scale – EMC & PMI – Week03.pdf


Project budgets are generally reasonable and realistic estimates of what will be required to complete the project successfully. This includes all resources, i.e. financial, physical assets, human resources, etc.
A file listing typical components of a project charter is attached Week03_AssignmentHelp_ProjectCharter_Components.pdf
Assignment Submission instructions:

Limit your Project Charter to a maximum of two pages.