Project description Assignment: Write an at least 2-page

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Project descriptionAssignment: Write an at least 2-page Summary/Response of one of the essays in Chapter 8 of Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. Steps to follow when summarizing: (see chapter one of your book for more help) Read, reread, underline main and sub-points, annotate, make a scratch outlineof the reading or come up with one sentence summaries for each sub-topic. Summarize the thesis/overriding idea of the piece. Write one-two paragraphs that present the author’s main idea and sub-points, combining your summary sentences and the summarized thesis—largely (99%) in your own words. Use the outline as a guide, but reread parts of the original text as necessary. If you do choose to quote any words, make sure you put them in quotation marks. (Hint: it is not necessary to quote—a summary is not that specific.)To make the summary coherent, make sure you connect subtopics/ideas smoothly. Then double check your summary to make sure that it is true to the original text.Steps to follow when responding: Mark places in the text where you agree and disagree with the author. Discuss how the issue discussed in the author’s essay relates/connects to your life, your community, society in general, future societies…. What is your “take” on the topic? Etc.You may want to decide whether the author’s argument is compelling, sound, and well written.Write five-six paragraphs discussing your take on the argument. Refer to specific passages in the essay in your response. CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER !!!