Project: Effective and technical writing is a critical skill for leaders and supervisors.

  Each student is required to complete a research paper regarding a Human Resources topic covered in or related to this course. The topic must be approved by the instructor and relate to the course. The work must be the student’s own original work. Student’s own original work: o The assignment will be developed specifically and solely for this course – TELS 3345. o Do not submit work from a previous course – mine or another instructor’s. Research papers or other written work that is “recycled” from a previous course will not be acceptable without consent from the instructor and may receive a grade of zero. o Do not copy past from any source: current student, past student or other source.  Be honest and ethical. The paper must be a minimum of 7-8 double spaced pages in CONTENT length (title pages, table of contents, works cited pages and appendices do NOT count toward the page count) and must include: o Cover/Title page o Table of Contents o Introduction/Opening statement/Abstract describing the premise of the paper o Page numbers o 7-8 page body of supporting, cited information o Current issues and future trends related to the topic. This can be included as a stand-alone section or blended into the paper. Either way, this element should be addressed. o Closing summary o Student perspective: ½ page in length and not included toward content length. Discuss your personal interest and takeaways regarding the topic and research (not the same as the closing conclusion, and should be a separate, distinct section). o Works cited page x Failure to provide a minimum of 7-8 complete pages of content will result in a substantial grade reduction. x A copy of the research paper must be submitted on time to Blackboard. Please avoid waiting to the last minute to submit your research paper. Works Cited Guidelines: o Sources for any information included in the presentation must be cited within the body of the presentation materials and should correspond to a listing on a Works Cited page. o A minimum of 6 juried, peer-reviewed sources are required. Peer-reviewed sources are typically found through the on-line databases available from the UHM.D. Anderson Libraries; contact your librarian for assistance as needed at ?? Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. ?? Use of the textbook as resource is discouraged. Excessive reliance on the textbook as a resource will be penalized. Students are also encouraged to gather information from working HR professionals; an interview with a HR professional may be included as one of the required peer-reviewed sources. ?? Interviews questions and answers must be included as an appendix to the paper and be cited correctly in the work and listed correctly in the Works Cited page. o Students are required to follow the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) for your assignments. o Proper use of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be a consideration in grading Preferred language style US English