Project Management – Develop a Project Charter – Construction Project of a Building

. The Professor asked me to prepare a Project Charter for an Imaginary Project. I selected a Construction Project (to Construct a Building) for this assignment. Below, I’ll just give you what I have in mind for the project. Note that the details below will be too general and maybe not that useful, but I’ll add it just to give you an idea. An office building for “XYZ” Company or for a University (Feel free to choose anything – as i said this is an imaginary project) – We’ll have the building in 13 typical floors + A Ground floor & a Roof. The project will be constructed in Abu Dhabi – UAE in Al Reem Island. The Client: The Company or the University It self. Consultant: “ABC” (Anything). Contractor: Me (My company). Price: Give a price from your mind (Feel free). What I need is a writer, who is experienced in the field of Construction (Constructing Buildings). With this request, I’ll attach a presentation that explains How to create a Project Charter for a Project with a Form presented to us in the class (The Last Slide – Slide # 32). The other slides are about Project Charter in General (Definition, Importance, Purpose, Benefits, … etc) that will give you an idea on how to develop it. Kindly develop and follow the same form in my assignment. In this Assignment, I requested 4 Pages (2 Pages to have a general Introduction about Project Charter and why do we need it + How did i implement this on my project (The Building). The other 2 pages were added just for the project charter itself, As i said, use and follow the attached form (You’ll find it in the Attached Presentation – Slide # 32) – I need to submit a filled form (Create one in Word, and fill the details).