Project Plan Management

Create a title page. 1 point

 Include the name of your company, title of the project and key members of your organisation on the title page.

Project overview. 10 points

 The project proposal begins with an overview, which is a summary of the project.

 It does not include specific aspects or details of the proposal but should paint an overall picture of what is contained within the proposal.

 The project overview is commonly written last, although it is included as the first section of the proposal. The project overview should tie the entire proposal together and often times writing it last works much better to accomplish this.

 The overview is what creates an impression in the mind of the reader, so it is important that it is written strongly.

Statement of the problem. 9 points

 This section of the proposal begins discussing the problem that is being solved through this project.

 Use this section also to prove that this project is definitely needed and therefore funding should be approved.

 Outline the scope of the project

 Write a short introduction describing the project.

 This introduction should include a brief description of the project, the stakeholders, and the time line.

Define and write the project goals and objectives. 10 points

 Create goals that are attainable and objectives that are measurable.

 This includes a timeline and milestones throughout the life of the project. Define and write the project deliverables. 15 points

 These are physical deliverables that are defined based on the project


 Each goal should produce a set of deliverables.

Create a work breakdown structure. 15 points

 This is one of the most important components when writing a project plan.

 A work breakdown structure describes each task involved in meeting goals and producing deliverables.

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