Psychology 101 Summary

You will be using only ONE resource and that is the textbook: Psychological Science 5TH EDITION by

Michael Gazzaniga, Todd Heatherton, Diane Halpern. And the essay will be on ONLY Chapter 15

Section 15.2 What are the most effective treatments? pages 672­688.

Summarize the information from the text in your own words ( NO QUOTES AND NO PARAPHRASING)

and give your own opinions about it. Overall, it needs to be 3 pages of summary and 1 page of your

own views. Caution: Summarize only facts Chapter 15 Section 2. DO NOT SUMMARIZE FACTS FROM


Guidelines for Expressing your Views ( I will upload it as well) : 1)No Stereotyping. 2)Think

Quantitatively 3)Present opposing arguments: do not day “i believe..” or “i feel”

This paper is an exercise in critical thinking. It is a scientific writing not expressive writing. Write the

paper in 3rd PERSON. When you state an opinion an issue, then you must also back it up by 1) State

a reasonable opposing opinion and an argument that supports it. Then answer the opposing opinion.

OR 2) In about half a page, present an idea for a research study that would provide test of your

opinion, State a specific hypothesis in term of a specific aspect of behavior that you would measure

and how this result would support your hypothesis if it was correct.


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