Recruitment and Selection

The assignment requires evaluating (and updating as necessary) the existing job description and then preparing a complete recruitment and selection plan for this target position. The project requires (a) evaluating how well the requirements of the job have been specified, (b) determining how to identify and attract applicants who will meet those requirements, (c) determining how to best assess those qualifications in job applicants, and (d) determining how to best combine the collected information to make hiring decisions. 1. Evaluation of Job Requirements & Create Performance Profile: How well does the job description describe what someone holding the job actually does? 2.Recruitment Plan Utilize your performance profile to create a recruitment plan. Provide a narrative description of your recommendations for generating a sufficient applicant pool. Justify your choices by addressing issues such as the following regarding the applicant pool you expect to be generated: cost, number and type of expected applicants (quality, experience, labor market segment, type of job seeker), fit of applicants, diversity of applicants, speed of hire. 3. Assessment Methods Outline and justify the assessment methods you will use for this position. Describe each assessment that you will use and justify the reasons that you chose that method. Assuming that your plan will include an interview, provide a sample of interview questions that you will use and the criteria that you will use to rate each answer. 4.Selection Plan Develop a scorecard to illustrate how each of the hiring criteria for the target position will be assessed in the selection process. Provide a narrative description of the selection system, detailing exactly how and when each selection method would be used for this position. Indicate how the different elements in your selection system will be combined and the relative weight you would give to each in making your hiring decision. Justify your choices by addressing issues such as the proficiency of hires (including validity), utility (cost/benefit), legal liability, diversity of hires, “fit” of hires, usability/practicality, applicant reactions, and the speed of hire associated with each selection method you propose using.