Reflective Practice: Medicine

Reflective Practice: Medicine

Within this assignment please provide an overview of the module/medical journal in addition to a reflective account on how the client will use what they have learned to help them achieve their goal to be an independent prescriber. 

For each of the four pieces of material enclosed:

1. Monitoring drug therapy.
2. Biochemical test, 
3. Treating individual patient groups.
4. Evidence based medicine.

This needs to be written up individually in the following structure with the following headings included in the write up:

1. Title.
2. Reflective comment (minimum 500 words).
3. Relevance to learning outcome(s) (state which and why).
4. Relevance to prescribing competency (ies) (state which and reflect on why)
(minimum of 250 words for the latter two).

The client’s university has provided the above minimum word counts, however the client would like the researcher’s thoughts on whether the above structure can be completed in 750 words per piece of literature. Please message to advise on this when placing your bid. If you feel that 1000 words per write-up would be more suitable, please advise and we will discuss increasing the word count to 4000 words with the client accordingly.

A copy of the learning outcomes and prescribing competencies has been enclosed in the attachments.

Upon reflecting on each piece of material the client has to specify which of the following learning outcomes and prescribing competencies it relates to and why. The writer has the free choice to select appropriately. If assistance is required the client can pre-select these for you.

An example of a piece of work has been provided to indicate what is required for all four individual pieces of work.

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