regional difference and the approach to the market

You are considering four (4) countries as part of a mid-sized company’s first global expansion. You must decide which of the six (6) possible internationalization methods is the most feasible. In preparation for this initiative, develop and discuss variables and factors to be considered when determining and implementing the global expansion. Your essay should use at least four (4) of the following topics: • the best type of market entry strategy for a mid-sized company (less than 500 employees and annual sales of less than US$5 million); • market size, geographic location, population; • regional difference and the approach to the market; • distance from domestic market; market access; • ramifications of the COO affect and other important and crucial elements required for success; • reasons why companies succeed or fail. The countries selected must include three countries from the following: United States, China, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico and the fourth country can be your choice of any country