Renaissance Selfie —Fashion a Renaissance “Selfie”

Renaissance Selfie —Fashion a Renaissance “Selfie” starring yourself! —This assignment asks you to create (or recreate) a 15th century Italian Renaissance-inspired self-portrait. — I have to create my Selfie ( a drawing, or painting ) but I must make my formal and iconographic choices according to early Italian Renaissance standards and conventions.— —(The assignment is to create a self-portrait, but to approach this process by thinking about how 15th century Italians used portraiture. You have to create your self-portrait thinking about what was expected and appropriate to 15th century culture. ). —- response paper to accompany their Selfie that explains the formal and iconographic choices that were a part of the artistic process. —This is NOT a Traditional research paper, but it does require research! You MUST cite at least Fivepeer-reviewed Academic Publications (NO internet sources!) Citations MUST be in Chicago Style — (Times New Roman font, 5 pages exclude qoutes or any direct sentences, Willl be checking for plagirism, on Turnitin website by my professor, Citations MUST be in Chicago Style). More information about creating sellfi is in file 1. and more info about research and peer-review is in files 2 and 3. Also I attached 4 more files about Italian Rennasance, Portraite at that time, and Rennasance panting. (I Have to paint my self portraite from this writing, include the info, data, details, stuff, cloths, colors, or other etc which you will described in this writing and will attach it to the writing to give to my professore)