Research Methods: Critical Literature Review

Research Methods: Critical Literature Review

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This assignment offers the student the opportunity to explore a topic of inquiry through a literature review. The topic should be related to the students area of study and within the realms of their practice. The assignment needs to use the best available literature and demonstrate that this has been critiqued with consideration for the available evidence for practice. Students must provide evidence that they have searched the topic using SCOPUS or similar and that they have considered and managed the literature.

Structure of your paper

This paper is 2,500 words or 10 to 12 pages double spaced. You should look at journal articles to give you an idea of structure for this paper and consider using the following main headings with sub headings for the major part of the paper.

Title Page

Introduction and Statement of Objectives – Introduce your assignment and state the objectives for the paper. Provide reference citation to the critique tool(s) that you have used.

Significance of Topic – Why is this a significant topic for contemporary debate? Use the literature to support this claim

Definitions – Provide a section with definitions of terms used in the paper to clarify these and use the literature to support your definitions (in other words cite the literature to demonstrate where the definitions came from).

Search Strategy and Justification of Use of Literature – Cleary describe your search strategy so that the examiner could repeat this and find similar results. You will also need to consider managing the literature as part of your search strategy.

Critical Analysis of the Literature – This section will most likely be divided into sub headings for each theme emerging from the literature. This means you need to read the literature as a whole and consider what the themes are. DO NOT provide a critique of each article as this is to be integrated into the write up. The assignment should cover the extent of the problem and draw from literature with a focus on the Australian situation. Provide an overview of current literature concerning policy, treatment interventions and / or likely outcomes. Ensure that this section is critical and utilises current research literature (within the last 5 to 10 years). Be critical of the methods used in research studies. Use a critique tool to assist you to read and write up a critical description.

Recommendations for Practice – Provide a section re recommendations for practice and consider practice change. What would be the promoting factors and barriers to practice change?

Conclusion – Provide a conclusion to your paper.

Your references need to be in APA 6th edition format and your paper should be in third person past tense. Use headings to structure your paper. Attach any relevant appendices to the back of the paper (after the reference list).

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