Research Paper: Christian Apologetics in the Early Church

You will choose a topic from the list provided below and write a paper of 2,000–3,000 words (7–10 pages, excluding front and back pages). The final paper must include 3 primary sources and 4–6 secondary sources. Secondary sources must be scholarly books and journal articles. No 2 students may write on the same subject, and subject selection is first come, first served. At the end of the course, all papers will be combined for the mutual benefit of the entire class. Your paper must focus on how to apply what you have learned in your research to contemporary challenges in the church.
Your paper must conform to the style standards of the latest edition of Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Most of the detailed instructions necessary can be found at the Seminary Writing Guide located at See Turabian for items not covered here.
Your paper must draw upon the writings of Church Fathers, scholars, theologians, and historians, as well as Scripture to present a concise overview of the topic along with a view to how to apply what you have learned in the context of contemporary ministry. This project, in many respects, will be merely a sampling—something to whet your appetite, so to speak, for further study. You will be expected to choose your sources judiciously. Works that are general histories or historical accounts should be counted as secondary sources. Works by the persons with whom you are dealing should be considered primary sources. Be sure you consult up-to-date scholarly journals. These can be accessed through the Liberty University Online Library Portal.
Remember to review the Liberty University Online Honor Code. Also read the section on plagiarism in the Turabian manual. You are writing not merely for a grade, but for the benefit of your entire class. Put your best effort into your research and your writing. If you are not sure about something or think you might need help, contact either the Liberty University Online Writing Center or for help with grammar, style, and spelling.
This assignment must be submitted in 2 locations. First, submit the completed paper in the assignments folder of Module/Week 7. Second, you are to submit this paper to the class Wiki. This will aid the whole class in gaining information for all the topics chosen in the course.

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