Research proposal Nurses role in caring

Write a research proposal using your clinical question formulated earlier in the course that was approved by your instructor. This may be either a qualitative or quantitative research proposal. Your proposal must include APA formatting. The proposal should be a 6–10 in length plus appendices cover page and reference page. The appendices should include your survey instrument created in week 6. You will be presenting your research proposal in a 6–8 minute recorded presentation in week 8.


Clearly stated problem and purpose of the study
Independent and dependent variables
Definition of terms
Assumptions, hypothesis, or questions (depending on research type)
Theoretical Framework

Description of the theoretical framework to be utilized
Identification of the concepts to be explored
The rationale for choosing the framework
Review of the literature

At least four scholarly sources included
Appropriateness of the review and the proposal focus
The inclusion of primary or secondary sources

Description of study type (quantitative or qualitative)
Description of study design
The rationale for the use of the selected design
The inclusion of sample size, type, sampling method, inclusion/exclusion criteria, setting, data collection method (instrument), and data collection process
Method for the Protection of Human Subjects (consent)
Questionnaire and consent forms must be included as appendices
Data Analysis

Data analysis method is appropriate for study design.
Method of data analysis is clearly stated.
Method for displaying findings is stated.
Applicability to Nursing

Research focuses on a problem significant to nursing.
Research would contribute to nursing knowledge.