SBAN 540 Drug Information and Literature Evaluation

SBAN 540 Drug Information and Literature Evaluation

Journal Club Assignment Instructions

The intent of this assignment is to develop skill in the Journal Club process and simulate an actual Journal Club experience which will occur repeatedly at your experiential sites. The main difference for this assignment is you will be responsible for presenting only a portion of the article. This assignment is worth 15% of your total grade for this course.

The class will be divided into 8 groups. Each group will be randomly assigned a Journal Club article (posted on BlackBoard). Students in each group can work and discuss the article as a group. However, EACH student must write up their own assessment of the article using the Touro College of Pharmacy Journal Club Rubric (posted on BlackBoard). Students must not copy directly from the article (i.e., plagiarism) and may not copy from each other (i.e. cheating) (this will be checked electronically). The completed written rubric should be uploaded to BlackBoard by Thursday, April 6, 2017 11:59 pM the latest.  The written portion is worth 7.5%.

Each group will present their article over a 40 minute period; presentation of the rubric sections will be split among the group by Drs. Kim and Rumore at the beginning of the class; thus, each student can present for no longer than 4 minutes. Students will present during class on April 28 (2 groups), May 4 (1 group), May 5 (2 groups), May 11 (1 group), May 12 (2 groups). You will not be told which day your article will be discussed, nor will you know in advance which portion of the Journal Club rubric you will be presenting. You may NOT READ directly from your written rubric and this will be monitored for. Students will be graded for content as well as presentation skills. The presentation portion is worth 7.5%.

At the end of the 40 minute group presentation, there will 10 minutes for Q&A.  Questions will be asked. Here the group may work together in that any member of the group may answer. If no member of the group can answer the question correctly, the entire group will lose points.

Failure to act in a professional manner and politely listen to your fellow students (as you will be required to do at your experiential sites) will also result in deduction of points (0.5% for each instance).

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