Science in Early Childhood

Task: Choose a question that can be tested using a fair test. It will be necessary to carry out the investigation and include evidence through collecting and presenting data, photographs and /or diagrams. Utilising tables and graphs may be appropriate. The topic for this fair test investigation can be suitable for an adult and does not need to be transferrable into an early childhood setting

The following dot points must be covered –

• Questioning and predicting: Asking a question that can be investigated, Predict the expected results
• Planning and conducting: Variables to be changed and kept the same, using equipment and materials safely, identifying potential risks, collect data appropriate to the task, Select equipment
• Processing and analysing data and information: Construct appropriate representations – spreadsheet, graph, models, analyse any patterns in data, summarise data use scientific understanding to identify relationships, Draw conclusions
• Evaluating: Suggest improvements to the methods / used
• Communicating: Using scientific language, using appropriate representations such as labelled diagrams, Digital technologies as /if appropriate
• Bibliography & referencing: Curriculum, Pedagogy, Science content

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