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In this assignment you are working as a communications officer in an organisation. You have been tasked with preparing a basic report that identifies the status of that organisations’ communications efforts – including social media interaction – from the viewpoint of your various target audiences.

At the conclusion of this work you should have a clear picture of the various audiences your chosen organisation communicates with, how they communicate with them, and where the social media communications efforts can be improved.

You should:

  1.  Chose an organisation you are familiar with and feel confidant that you can adequately research for assignment purposes. (Ensure it has a social media presence as well as a substantial online presence – you’ll need to examine the former and decide where it can improve, and the latter will help you with the organisational research you need to undertake)
  1.  Following the guidelines set out both in your text as well as in weekly tutorial presentations, begin to segment the audiences of your chosen organisation – initially divide into Primary Audience and Secondary Audiences.
  1.  Thinking about the Primary Audiences, analyse and define the various sub-sets within them – who is it your chosen organisation communicates with, and how do they communicate with them? (Paid advertising? Social Media? Activities and events? Paid celebrity endorsement? Let your imagination run wild here – the aim is to brainstorm the many different ways your organisation communicates.)
  1.  Consider why these various target publics are important to your organisation – why is it important that the organisation communicates with and influences them? (Are they the primary spenders in this industry, or do they influence the primary spenders? Are they influencers themselves – is it key for your organisation to reach the trend setters and early adopters?)

Articulate these reasons from a business perspective – essentially, capture the rationale why you need to reach these audiences and explain it.

  1.  Consider the mediums used by your organisation to reach these audiences, the pattern of communications (frequency,etc) and their effectiveness. (Is there a gap, in your estimation, between what is currently being achieved and what could be achieved? Focus particularly on your organisations’ social media presence and identify – broadly – areas where it could improve.)


Bring these segments together as a report that you would prepare for the management team of your chosen organisation.

This means that you do not get too bogged down in detail – for example, a list of the types of communication currently being used is appropriate, such as this list below:

  • Paid advertising;
  • Social Media interaction via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube;
  • Biannual Open Days at company factory

Too much information looks like this

  • Paid advertising- Print advertising: $32,000 Q2 FY2015/16, Electronic advertising – $64,000 Q2 FY2015/16; Online advertising – $12,500 Q2 FY 2015/16.
  • Social Media interaction via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube: Tweets – 540 individual Tweets, 210 Re Tweets Q2 FY 2015/16, Facebook Posts – 209, Friends -13,200 Q2 FY 2015/16, YouTube uploads – 34, Views – 307, Q2 FY2015/16.
  • Biannual Open Day 13 February at cost of $15,000, attendance of 500 people at comparative rate of $30 per person.

At some point in your career your reports will have to contain dollar figures and assessments, but at this stage we will keep it simple.

*Remember, this work forms the basis of your final assignment in which you prepare a social media campaign, building on the improvements you identify here.

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