should Death with Dignity laws (physician assisted suicide laws) be enacted everywhere in the US?

Answer this question: Should Death with Dignity laws (physician assisted suicide laws) be enacted everywhere in the US? • Your paper should be factually correct about eligibility requirements for Death with Dignity laws. Remember that a patient can only request physician assisted suicide if they have been diagnosed with a condition that will lead to death within 6 months, and there is always a waiting period. Draw on any TWO of the following readings (3 quotes total): • Death with Dignity website (eligibility requirements and resources for families) • Mitchell, “Why Doctors Must Not Be Complicit in Killing Their Patients” • Pies, “Why Medical Ethics Must Sometimes Trump the Patient’s Choice” or reply to Grohol • Grohol, “Why I Don’t Want to Have to Starve Myself to Death” (response to Pies) Requirements: Papers are evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Papers missing any of these elements will not pass.

1. Follow the exact outline given on the next page, in the exact order given. Don’t skip any paragraphs. Don’t add any paragraphs. 2. Word count: 750 to 900 words. It’s OK if you go over 900 words a little, but try to stay as close to that as possible. 3. Format: proofread for grammar and spelling (max. 5 mistakes). a. Use any 12-point font. Either single- or double-spaced is acceptable. b. This paper should be a formal, professional piece of writing. You may use ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘my’, but do not use slang. c. Indent the first line of each new paragraph. Do not number your paragraphs. 4. Quotations: a. Required: Include at least 3 quotations total from at least 2 of the readings above. b. The quotations must be relevant to your argument and must not be taken out of context. Remember that Mitchell is against physician assisted suicide. c. Quotations must be followed by the author’s name and the page number in parentheses, like this (Mitchell 17). d. Works Cited page: You don’t need to perform any outside research. If you only use assigned readings, you don’t need a works cited page. IF YOU DO use any outside sources, provide a works cited page in either MLA or APA format (your choice). 5. In the introduction (first paragraph): Have a clear thesis statement as the last sentence of the first paragraph. You may use a thesis statement from the list provided, or you may write your own. 6. Arguments must address the moral dimensions of this issue rather than merely the factual. What this means: every time you give a fact, you must connect it to a value. 7. The two paragraphs about possible objections (paragraphs 3 and 6) must be at least 4 sentences long, and should only be about the objection—don’t include your own views in the objection paragraphs. 8. The paper should contain no factual errors about the general eligibility requirements and waiting periods for Death with Dignity laws (link provided above and on Blackboard). For example, a paper that argues that a patient with mental illness might ask for this would fail, because the laws require a doctor to certify that a patient has no mental illness