sleep health

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sleep health

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I need the INTRODUCTION to a problem statement that I will copy now and thereafter I will ordering

every week the rest of this paper work until it is complete ,the problem statement is:

Problem Statement

According to National Sleep Foundation (2015) lack of enough sleep has continued to be a major

public health concern in the United States. This public health concern manly affects the young adults

and adults but children rarely experience this problem. It is estimated that 70 million adults in the

United States are affected by sleeping disorders which affect the duration, behaviors and quality of sleep that they have. Some societal factors such as working schedules and technology advancement

have been blamed to contribute to sleeping problems. In a research conducted involving 74571

respondents, 35.3 % of the respondents reported that they sleep for 7 hours a day. 48% of the

respondents were affected by snoring, 37% fell asleep unintentionally during the day while 4.7%

reported to fall asleep at least once per month while they are driving. Drowsy driving has also resulted

in more than 1550 fatal injuries and 40,000 nonfatal injuries (National Sleep Foundation, 2015).

Currie­McGhee (2016) states that the problem associated with poor sleep health can results in many

health related and unrelated problems and this costs the economy significant amount of money to

mitigate these problems. Sleep health problems are linked with road crashes and disasters in

industries. In addition to this, health professionals are likely to cause medical errors due to sleep

problems. This means that sleep problems affect all areas of life and all professionals resulting to

hazardous outcomes. This further extends to medical problems because more than 65% of people

with sleep problems also develop chronic diseases (Peter & International Symposium “Sleep and

Health Risk”, 2014).

The possible solution for this problem including research that studies sleeping patterns and disorders,

what contributes to the problems and how they can be dealt with (Nugent, Black, & National Center

for Health Statistics (U.S.), 2016). The Centre for Disease Control and the National Center on Sleep

Disorders Research has recently been conducting research which will help in getting solutions for the

problems. In addition to this, public awareness on the need for good sleeping hygiene should be

created (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.), National Center for Health Statistics

(U.S.), 2014). In conclusion, sleep health is a major health concern and the impact will affect the

economy and health of the Americans. For this reason, it is important to consider solving the problem

before it gets out of hand.



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