A rhetorical analysis of the argument evaluating its effectiveness and explaining/justifying your

evaluation based on the rhetorical elements used in the visual (see the diagram above). You are

expected to use the appropriate rhetorical terminology in your explanation). This analysis should be

approximately 600­-700 words long.

You analysis will need to introduce and describe the visual, and of course discuss the visual in

relation to the issue you researched. (In other words, your research this semester should inform your

reading of the visual.) Please provide a printout of your visual. Do a couple of screenshots if you are

discussing a commercial.

You will also need to clearly introduce your claim for the analysis (which is an evaluation of the

effectiveness of the visual) based on the intended purpose and audience of the visual.

Evaluation: Your analysis will be evaluated on how clearly you explain the visual and your ability to

support your evaluative claim with evidence and to use the appropriate rhetorical terminology.

you can use any visual argument that has to with either smoking or feminism! as long as it’s

appropriate. I copied the directions above exactly how my professor wrote them. Please contact me

with any questions.

The Rhetorical Building Blocks/Design Elements

• Composition and Layout

• Central Focus

• Images

• Symbolic Meaning

• Colors

• Typography

• Emphasis of Elements

• Multimedia Effects (i.e. music)

• Words/Text


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