Social Darwinism And Marxism

Social Darwinism And Marxism

Social Darwinism is derived from the theory of evolution that states that man evolved from a less sophisticated being to the Homo Saipan species. The evolution of human beings is defined by the need to adapt to a new environment through the development of a more advanced brain. This means that human beings are competitive animals who have to be fit in order to survive in the harsh ecosystem. The belief in the theory whose principles are based on science is known as Social Darwinism.

Social Darwinism not only based on evolution, it seeks to define the levels of hierarchy amongst human beings. The classification of human beings singled out some of the races such as the blacks and the native Indians as inferior stating that they bared the most resemblance to the apes. This thus put the white man at the top of the hierarchy in terms of intelligence. Most of these theories were extensions of Darwin’s theory which had created the distinction between the superiority in relation to the development of different apes.

The theory of evolution is based on the change of the intellectual capacity of the human beings through the growth and development which was enabled by the invention of equipment to ease their lives. Social Darwinism is the result of the evolution of the Darwin theory to a more complex philosophy that was marked by the eradication of all the races which were viewed as inferior. Some of the leaders who adopted these theories were Hitler and the members of the KKK who were intent on promoting white supremacy to the extent of dedicating their lives to the belief of their cause.

Marxism can be defined as the emphasis of maintaining a socialist lifestyle that focuses on the having a one party state thus eliminating capitalism. Most of the theories of Marxism borrowed their principles from the book of Darwin. Despite this, Marxism sort to acquire a new identity in that members do not recognize the need for the creation of hierarchy amongst all the races.

Founded by Carl max, Marxism proved to take a more political standpoint in that it was introduced to the system of official governance for most of the countries that chose to adapt it. Marxism did not emphasis the importance for the struggle for survival. It instead paid tribute to working together as a community so that all the members of the community can get the same benefits. Providing equal opportunities for all individuals discourages competitiveness. People who chose to follow the laws of Marxism were defiant of all the rules capitalism which was associated with the exploitation of the unfit members of the society. The promotion of socialist states was thus ideal in that it promoted oneness amongst the members of the society.

In conclusion, the adaptation of the laws of evolution was enabled by the belief that man was able to improve on their ability to perform a certain task. This in turn led to the creation of distinction amongst human beings in general. Marxism, that once had a close association with the theory of evolution, ventured into a different path that turned up to defy all the theories that Social Darwinism stood for. This in turn gave rise to two influential theories that have been transformed into a way of life to date.