Social Media.

 Paper must be typed in MLA format (Times new roman, 12 pt font), double-spaced, must include 5 or more sources that are VERY RELIABLE (only use .org or .edu) and 2 of them must be from Sierra Colleges Rocklin campus library (you can go online to their website and search digital copies of books or articles), sources must be cited properly into the text with quotations and embedding. Paper must include facts and statistics about social media, social media pros and cons, how it affects children and adults, the affects it has on the brain, how it has advanced and evolved in technology and how our world has adapted to it, etc. Please inlcude a works cited page of all the sources you used as the 9th page, titled works cited and make sure it is in works cited MLA format. Title of entire paper can just be “Social Media”. At the top left handside of the paper put:First name last name, Prof. First name last name, ENGL 1A, 13 November 2018. Include headers on the top right hand corner of the pages numbering the pages and my last name.