Socratic believes in the central ide of dialectic method of enquiry that was largely used to solve a problem by disintegratin



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Socratic believes in the central ide of dialectic method of enquiry that was largely used to solve a problem by disintegrating it into a series of questions. This technique is widely used currently even in the field of science where hypothesis is initially introduced in every scientific method. This method is one of the most celebrated issues in the Socrates’ most enduring influences. Socrates believed that by asking numerous questions, one would be able to assess his level of belief and knowledge he possess thus making it a negative method of eliminating hypothesis. Socratic Method is indeed suitable in identifying the best hypothesis after eliminating all the contradictions. This is crucial in making an individual to evaluate own belief and verify its validity

Socratic Method arguably brings the best out of every burning question and strengthens an individual belief thus clarifying the concepts of good and justice. Socratic Method is really amazing as it helps an individual to examine own belief and eventually evaluate their worth which is an important thing in every individual. Belief regarding wisdom and ignorance is really amazing and justifiable in the society. Someone’s deeds cannot surpass the individual’s level of intelligence and ignorance and this clearly draws line between what may be perceived to be a wise decision and an irrational act or decision.

Additionally, the belief that an individual must concentrate more on self-development but not on material things is indeed significant and realistic. In the current society most people depend mostly on material things forgetting about the need to develop as a person. Friendship and love is gradually loosening its meaning in the current society as everybody is busy making money or concentrating on an electronic gadget. People tend to forget about some vital values such as philosophical and intellectual values which were really supported by Socrates simply because of material things. With all these issues put in place, it is evident that materialism is indeed the enemy of achieving the ideal life and therefore people should focus on quest to goodness, virtue, justice, integrity and friendship as Socrates puts it.

Generally Socratic beliefs are commonly used in the society and are likely to be the best tool in coming up with resolution in almost every hot argument. It is easy to let people think about a particular situation at hand rather than just engaging in unconstructive talks. An individual may let his audiences to view issues in his own perspective and minimizing any unnecessary conflict through the use of Socratic Method.

Practically, Socratic Method is used in various places specifically in education where learners are challenged to enhance their critical thinking. This method appreciates the existing knowledge and understanding within an individual learner hence promoting the enhancement of the already existing understanding. Logically, I think this would boost learners reasoning skills as well as rational thinking. Eventually rational thinking and understanding leads to deeper grasp of every topic taught and further enables learners understand their roles and responsibilities in whatever they are undertaking. Actually the issue of self-awareness and validation of one’s belief makes Socratic ideas the most interesting ones.

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