Soft drink competitors usually have comparable products



Soft drink competitors usually have comparable products


Soft drink competitors usually have comparable products. Customers encompass different discernments relying upon on the quality of the soft drink previously presented. It is essential to compete with general brands. This paper attempts to introduce and market the Fresha soft drink as a brand identity as a new product. It commences with an elegant package design followed by promotions to exemplify exclusive approaches that instigate consumer knowledge by the employment of in-house creative marketers. The marketing of Fresha endeavors in the development of prevailing advert campaigns to bring in and uphold the brand identity. An extensive range of coordinated media hype and advertisements will be utilized in effect and competently in highly imaginative fashions to increase Fresha’s awareness. Marketing of Fresha will be subject to increase positive consumer awareness, resulting in the product’s success and establishing unparalleled growth and proceeds. In the event of accomplishment and thriving of Fresha soft drinks, other product brands will be developed, as well as, launched.

Description of Fresha

As soft drinks are manufactured, consumers develop into being more conscious of their food ingestion. Consumer apprehensions regarding the quantity of sugar or calories, or simulated ingredients and constituents in their drinks continue to mount. Consequently, healthy soft beverages like Fresha made from fruit and vegetable juice will gain as well as benefit more awareness from consumers. Indeed, organic juices recorded the uppermost overall volume sales increase in soft drinks last year because of a healthy reflection to consumers (Jain, 2011). On the contrary, carbonates growth, even though still recording an optimistic growth rate, established symptoms of reducing, seeing that consumers started to shift to healthier alternatives. The overriding idea is to discover the most recent marketing trends and expose sources of potential market development. The marketing of Fresha will be centered in finding unknown opportunities in nearly all existing research data obtainable. The product’s marketing also comprehends competitive hazards with comprehensive market study, as well as, planning a corporate approach through expert qualitative study and escalation projections.

Unmet Customer Need

The promotion is in reaction to a theatrical drop in proceeds as consumers shift as an alternative to tap water. Even though, bottled water exceeding billion liters were consumed globally in the preceding year sales and earnings have reduced by approximately nine per cent over the past twenty four months. There is a requirement and need to address the unmet customer need for organic juices. This will undo the reduction in sales and dismiss some of the depressing promotion bottled organic juices have engrossed over the preceding years (Kapferer, 2008). Bottled organic juices have been blamed for escalating pollution through the plastic bottles. It has also been subjected for being a needless lavishness at a period when numerous individuals all over the globe do not have access to sparkling running water. Promotions have been initiated to try to promote diners in eating places to request tap in place of bottled water. Therefore, juices bottled in recyclable materials would act as a replacement to this pressing issue.

With the pressing issues encompassing tap water globally, organic juices will rise to the occasion in solving the quest and thirst problems. Organic soft drinks in most locales of the planet have encountered extremely extreme competitive surroundings. International businesses and firms have long conquered sales regarding juices and drinks (Tremblay, 2007). In spite of all the hardships, Fresha organic soft drink will productively sustain its principal position in retail volume, as well as, price variation in the market. The drink’s promotion possesses a reflective perception of organic soft drinks, as well as, consumer behavior. In addition, inventive and forceful marketing activities as well will assist the company secure its consumer position.

Target Market Description

It is believed that Fresha organic soft drink is projected more at teenagers and young adults, as opposed to any other age cluster. It will be intended for the male along with female, young adulthood since it is perceived as a refreshing hip-hop beverage. Its promotion will mainly be promoted through media programs, which are predominantly watched by adolescents and young adults rather than the elderly. It will be vended everywhere so that every person can purchase it. The elderly can also consume the drink since it is organic, but the packaging and branding will target the youth to be specific in nature. Its price will be set at a sensible price so that teenagers can pay for it with their recreational jobs as well as their pocket cash. It could also be suitable for the elderly since it tackles their concern for being overweight, sleep as well as their maintenance to their healthy, as well as, balanced existence. The covering of Fresha will be related to mutually girls and boys, illustrating that it will be appealing for both genders. Being organic would steer families to purchase the organic juices since organic beverages are fit for consumption. The development of well built customer devotion will bring in improved profits and sales. It representation in numerous, diverse languages as well as styles will be appealing to all the planet’s civilizations. Target positioning is concerned about the manner a brand or business is located, or perceived in the conscious of the intended group of consumers (Smith, 2007). Developments of perceptual maps will assist in strategizing positioning, as well as, repositioning. A perceptual plot is a drawing which designs different positioning along with repositioning.

Description of Existing Alternatives and Substitutes

The only alternatives or rather substitutes that exist are the carbonated drinks. These have been in the market for extensive periods. Primarily, people have a liking for carbonate drinks since they are refreshing, but they pose to have numerous side effects. A person will not fancy drinking too much carbonated beverages due to the unhealthy consequences that will accumulate over time. The elderly persons will not want to consume so much of these drinks owing to the fact they encompass too many hazards than benefits to them. The Fresha soft drink is better than its counterparts since it is made from organic materials. Its sweetness will be synchronized as well as the sugar will be somewhat moderated to accommodate all the age clusters. There are no presentable alternatives for Fresha since many other products are manufactured and produced through synthetic methods. The bottled water business will be an alternative in some way even though it does not pose as a threat since it lacks the sugary element that the youth like. Fresha’s packaging will be more appealing to the Youth as compared to its alternatives and substitutes.

Marketing plan

The four Ps

This brand new product, is aimed to be presented to consumers of the modern era, who are focused in consuming food that are health and diet balanced, as they intend to thwart ailments such as obesity and diabetes, in their lives. This drink is intended to hit the market and succeed because it is to be sold at a price that customers will affords, and it has been established at a time when consumers are concentrating on their health; thus giving it an edge over the dominant and widely established beverages companies.


In marketing, a product entails anything which can be given to consumers, and assist in satisfying their needs and wants. The Fresha soft drink comprises basic ingredients that can be traced in most similar drinks such as organic water, organic fruits, sugar colorings, phosphoric acid, citric acid and natural flavors among other ingredients (Klopper, 2006). The drink is caffeine free and is aimed to be a health drink, considering that current populations are concerned with living and consuming healthy foods, rather than sugary and tasty drinks, such as those from its main competitors, who will be coca-cola and Pepsi among other soft beverages companies. This Fresha soft drink is an innovation that is aimed to compete, and be accepted in the market, because of its organic nature, which is different from the other competitors’ products.


Price is an integral variable in the marketing mix that is inte4gral in the marketing plan of Fresha. When the suitable price and the precise pricing strategy are determined it becomes paramount to a marketing process. The price of this product will be aimed to attract customers, and it will be founded on the structure of competition. Although other factors such as the cost of production are considered in the pricing of Fresha, the competition from other competitors and issues such as marketing and advertising will determine the pricing of this product. This will also entail that the company can lower its prices, to attract more consumers. Since competition is stiff the company by lowering prices risks incurring losses, but this will enable it achieve a consumer base that is loyal to its product.


Since Fresha is a new product, its location will be located in the US, focusing on the American market, for its main consumers. The company is has not grown enough to compete with the multinationals such as coca cola, but it can compete aggressively with them in the local US market. Since the beverage is a health drink, it can easily find itself to many American’s hearts, as it will appeal to people across generations, who are concerned with consuming healthy foods (Chisholm-Burns, Vaillancourt & Shepherd, 2011). However, the company intends to go international, by merging with other smaller companies, in other nations, to boost its market reach.


This will involve personal selling, sales promotion, advertising and publicity and public relations. These are critical for Fresha’s promotional plan. This indicates the level of attention that Fresha will accord each of the mentioned subcategories as well as specify the budget of cash to apply for each (Klopper, 2006). Fresha’s promotion is intended to en sure that the product is accepted in the market, enhance its sales, facilitate its image creation and position the brand in the soft drinks market. This brand will be promoted as a health drinks that add value and diet to its consumers. The company will also embark in advertising the product through the media such as TV ads and social media to enhance its reach among populations. Furthermore, the brand will be promoted by using brand ambassadors who will include famous celebrities both from the music and sports arena with immense influence among the population to facilitate its acceptance in the market.

P.E.S.T. Analysis

Political Influences

The production distribution and application of Fresha product is entailed to different federal laws including the food, drug and cosmetic Act and occupational safety and Health Act among others. Furthermore, the company and its product are subject to the state, local and overseas environmental decrees and regulations. The company has to comply with the established environmental and healthy laws, to prevent any environmental litigation, concerning its products.

Economic Influences

The company is affected by the harvest of the raw materials that it uses to produce the Fresha soft drink, such as orange, vegetables, potatoes and grapefruits among others. Fuel is also critical in the economic influences as the company depended of trucks and other means of transport to transport such raw materials to the manufacturing plant (Mukherjee, & Kachwala, 2009). Therefore, the fuel prices changes and fluctuations also affect the economic aspect of the soft drink. By taking into consideration the economical influences, this will allow Fresha to be prepared for economical turndowns; hence ensuring that it does not register a lot of losses.

Social Cultural Influences

The drink is a non alcoholic beverage, and it always strives to maintain this image, before the public and its consumers. The beverage is subject to people’s changing lifestyles because it has based its advertising and promoting campaigns in a specified form of people with a certain lifestyle (Rajagopal, 2000). Therefore, the company has to pay significant attention to the changing lifestyles. The Fresha drinkers are intensely defined to as those people of all ages who are aiming to consume drinks that are healthy oriented.

Technological Influences

The company is a subject to novel techniques of manufacturing for its soft drink. Therefore, the company has to concentrate on new distribution methods as well as be attentive to the developed competence, so as they will be aware of new products (Rajagopal, 2000). This will ensure that the company attains competitive advantage within the market. Furthermore, with the emerging trends, which are technologically oriented such as most businesses being carried out online, and through social media, Fresha will make certain that it operates within these new technologies, to remain competitive and relevant in the market.


Starting a new business such as selling organic soft drinks in a highly competitive environment would be challenging. Therefore, for an incoming company to be successful in such environment, it should have a strong business plan and strategy that will enable it to penetrate such competitive market and ensure that they continue to grow. This will entail that the company focuses on marketing its brand, and promoting its product to ensure that it increases its sales and gains more consumers. Furthermore, with a certain target audience in mind the company will ensure the company finds it is easier to mingle in the market and promote its products. Fresha has embarked in making a healthy oriented drink its priority, as most people are watching what they consume, to prevent food related diseases. This gives it an advantage in the marketplace to that is full of competitors. Therefore, considering the factors that a new product has to undergo to penetrate in the market, Fresha soft drink is well positioned to be successful in the soft drink industry.


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