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Software Selection

Inclinical perform system Clinical conductor CTMS system

Capabilities/functions Used for clinical trial management system (CTMS), electronic data capture (EDC), document control, and contact management, query resolution for small to medium sponsors or CROs. Also offers integrated clinical solutions, produces fantastic customer status/progress reports that is extremely significant in real time. It is also easy to train people on how to use Inclinical system after database creation. It also provides the templates that are easy to use as long as they have been created. The system also has easy to use interface which makes it a great product Used in clinical financial management by tracking receivables and for clinical research. It is also a clinical trial management system (CTMS) used for research sites, hospital operations, site networks, health systems and CROs. It is more efficient, profitable and the leading clinical application in the market. Can help health institutions to make better business decisions.

Limitations Produces more errors especially when used by less experienced users. Expandability Allows future expandability since it is completely customizable, allowing users to create database that suits what they need. Also allows expandability since it has the customer service team do updates their customers on every change made to the software.

Maintenance The software is also easy to maintain since the customer support team are very knowledgeable and are ready to help in fixing problems. Easy to maintain due to the availability of customer support team

Remote/online access Allows clinical files and communication messages to be accessed online since it permits both uploading and downloading of files or creation or reports. It also supports all data generated at every site for the hospital or clinic with multiple research sites. Allows online access of files since it permits clinical research to be done in site networks.

Database compatibility It has database manager that is easy to use. The database is fairly compatible given that it offers integrated clinical solutions. Vendor support Have good vendor support in terms of highly skilled customer support team who are committed to helping in solving problems within the shortest time frame possible. Has wonderful support team that is always available to offer training on how to use the system.

Prices It is an activity based pricing application system. Licenses Recommendations

I would like to recommend the use the adoption of inclinical system by North County Veterinary Clinic given that the system has several capabilities as compared to clinical conductor CTMS system. The error experienced in the process of using Inclinical application only comes when the user has less experience. Since it is easier to train users on how to use Inclinical application, and since it is also easy to use, it remains a better option. It is also the best option because it will provide the clients with up to date status/ progress reports concerning their pets and animals.

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