Something feels different

Something feels different. I cannot quite put my finger on it. I feel a slight tingle all over my body, and a strange foreboding that something important, life-changing even, is about to happen. With this odd sensation, I walk out of my front door wondering what will happen. It doesn’t come as a shock to discover that both my front tires are deflated, though I cannot understand what happened. I quickly call an Uber as I do not want to be late, and I am soon on my way.

I get to a swanky looking building, a towering monster of steel and glass. The paved pathway leading to its intimidating entrance made of shining marble, creating the sensation of walking on water. I feel like I might drown, but I put on a brave face. I feel I should not be here, but there is a force pushing me ahead and I have no choice but to smile at the uniformed doorman, who responds with a warm smile and words I cannot hear. The doors slide open and I walk straight to the elevator bank, and proceed to the thirtieth floor. The transparent walls of the elevator make my head spin due to its dizzying speed, but I cannot help but marvel at the magnificent view.

I get to my floor and get off. To the right, there is a panic-stricken woman who appears to be waiting for me. She immediately latches onto me, and I am not surprised by her actions. She is a tall, dark-haired woman with a commanding voice and presence. I ask her what the matter is, but I cannot hear what she is saying. I can however sense that she is terrified, and she leads the way to show me the cause of her panic. I soon find out. Lying on the bed is a ghostly-looking figure, almost skeletal. The person’s skin is a sickly green, and he appears to be dead. The blue lips look like blocks of ice, and the ice are closed shut in an almost painful expression. The room is freezing cold. I walk closer as the woman screams, ‘you killed him!’ As I move closer, I make a horrifying discovery. I am the dead person.

But this is me, the one that is walking and breathing. Is this dead one an impostor? Or am I the fake version of myself. A sickening feeling of dread overcomes me as I touch my arms in an effort to make sure that I am really alive. Next to the door, the woman still looks stricken as she realizes the resemblance between me and the deceased. From a distance, I hear her tell me that this is my fault, that I killed him. All this time, I keep wondering what I did to kill him, to kill me. I approach the dead body and try to wake it up. I cannot not bear the idea that I have killed someone. As soon as I grip the arm of the dead body, I feel an iron grip on my own arm. I know something is very wrong. I scream and run out of the room, overcome with dread and horror. However, as soon as I try to touch the door, the handle disappears, leaving a smooth surface. I am trapped all by myself as the woman is also gone. I try screaming for someone to help me but there is no sound. This panic is a feeling I know all too well, and though I know it will pass, I cannot help but feel that this dream is of great significance to my life.

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