Space Yacht Concert; Evelyn Munoz





Date of SubmissionSpace Yacht Concert; Evelyn Munoz

Music is an essential and primary element of the entertainment industry. Attending a live concert is one of the best experience not only regarding entertainment but also in the basics of understanding the music theory part taught in class. There is a lot involved in music starting from the key learning, composing, recording, sound and instrumentation to the real performance as well as stage appearance. The overall art determines the presence and attraction of the genre to its audience. The aim of every artist is composing exciting music that will attract and satisfy the fans desire as entertainment is the crucial issue in this industry. Space Yacht concert powered by Night out is one of the best music recitals that I attended as an external live performance where Evelyn Munoz was the chief artist. In this paper, Evelyn Munoz performance at the Space Yacht place is illustrated in a profound extent as an out of class concert that helps in understanding varied types and styles of stage representation in consideration of the voice type, performance quality as well as the performer’s appearance.

Music keeps in advancing as time goes regarding the melodies, texture, chord structures, and harmonic series among many other music fundamentals. Also, the music composition and styles used are most important as various genres today are different to what they were some decades ago. The difference is distinct, and one can note when listening to the 90’s and nowadays music where today artists have the freedom to compose their work on own perspective. The case was different a few decades ago where the musicians had to write songs talking about their past experiences which were mostly related to their future in particular. Change is inevitable, and the artists have to adapt it to enhance diversification in the industry.

In the night out at the Space Yacht place lots of musical fundamentals were observed in the famous artist, Evelyn Munoz’s performance. During the presentation, the pitch of Evelyn Munoz’s voice was steadily creating a reverent melody that perfectly caught the audience’s attention. The excellence sound articulation free from noise and other irrelevant distractors from unconditioned instrumentation made her art unique and unusual becoming an efficient entertainment journal to all. Her attack style preferably marks the beginning of her performance as the note is explicitly introduced. The choral style is depicted by the homophonic texture in Evelyn Munoz art where mostly there is the application of soft text dynamics.

The unique vocal features mentioned above boosts the quality of her music, making Evelyn Munoz’s one of the most famous female artists worldwide. Stage appearance and performances are also a vital thing when it comes to determining an artist’s perfection in the music industry. Evelyn Munoz proved this right during her presentation at the Space Yacht during the memorable night out. She digitally made her performance starting from her dressing mode to instrumentation and dancing. It being a night out is clear that the audience is there for entertainment, it is an effective way of relieving stress after the long day’s chores work. Evelyn Munoz’s appearance made the presentation efficient and on the other side used instrumentation that provided the right pitch. The dancing modes especially in her work “Dance Sauté” made the audience left helpless from joining the changing styles throughout her presentation.

Evelyn Munoz’s art made the night out at the Space Yacht entertaining through the efficient application of her experience in music industry. The voice types, stage styles as well as the actual presentation and appearance in the stage significantly determines the quality of music genre. External learning out of the class work is vital to the music students as it provides an exposure to the real world and in the process, they end up learning different skills to boost their career as well as talents.