Special Education

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Special Education


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IntroductionSome people need education which is special to their lives. Special education provides an additional services or support to the students’ educational needs. In most schools and colleges across the country, special educations are sometimes provided at no cost to those students who are qualified and are eager to proceed with their studies. Today, there are special students who need special learning needs and the only way to address this is by providing them with a special education. The range of support given to students with special education is normally based in their needs. This paper therefore gives a summary of the need for special education, and distinguishing the needs of the exceptional learners and non-exceptional learners.

There are different people with different needs who need special education in their lives. It sometimes become hard to understand people with uniqueness, therefore, taking time to understand them becomes a significant part to the growth and development of the country. For example, the children need special educational needs if they seem to be having learning difficulties or disabilities which make it difficult for them learn just like the other children of their age mates. Other people that require special education are people with disabilities such as physical, mental or learning disability. All these people can be helped by the Educators who are involved in helping people with special needs by finding out methods of producing a healthy environment for education as well as, assisting them.

Students with special educational need should be given an exemption from usual educational requirements, and children with communication problems should be provided with their educational plan from those who are able to communicate without difficulties. This is because, the people who do not require special needs tends to be active as compared to those who require special education. Therefore, teachers should try their best in handling their case different from other students.

The need of exceptional learners and non-exceptional learnersThe research carried out shows that, about 10 percent of students’ population across the world are said to be exceptional learners, hence they require special education. Exceptional learners need special care in terms of education, and health wise. This means that the remaining 90 percent of students’ population are non-exceptional learners who do not require any support from the educators; rather do they need special care. Therefore, the needs of exceptional learners are quite different from the need of the non-exceptional learners, and below are some of the factors that distinguish the need of exceptional learners from the need of non-exceptional learners.

The needs of exceptional learners and non-exceptional learners differs in that, the exception learners tends to be quite different from their classmates in the way they conduct themselves as well as, to how they contribute to the learning activities. Non-exceptional learners acts actively all the time in all that they do as compared to exceptional learners who need to be pushed here and there to make sure that they do whatever is required from them. It sometimes becomes true that, they even have the worst overall performance, and because of this, it normally becomes very difficult for teachers to assign them a fail grade which is a fail given that, this will be inherently unfair, more so when the student tried to work harder and does his/her assignment and hands it on time. Because of this, the exceptional learners require to be assigned for the grade which is different from the other non-exceptional students, as they should be tested for different questions that are not the same with the non-exceptional learners.

The other needs that distinguish the exceptional learners from the non-exceptional learners is that, the exceptional learners taken to mainstream schools where they are offered with help from the learning support, resources from the teachers and care support that comes from the special needs assistant. However, non-exceptional learners are not given any support since they don’t have any disabilities that can make them not to perform well in their education.

Access to the specialist resources is another need which distinguishes the needs of exceptional learners and non-exceptional learners. Exceptional learners are given the opportunity to get access to the special resources. For example when they go to library to do their researches, they need not to go all round looking for the resource to do the research, however those resources are preserved for them over the counter. Non-exceptional learners on the other hand, are not allowed to get to access to the specialist resources, but they can go to the shelves to look for the materials they want to use in their research works.

Exceptional learners require an enrolment of units or subjects which are different from the non-exceptional learners. Conversely, their timetable should not be the same with other students who does not have disabilities. This is because, the exceptional learners sometimes require more time to understand what they are being taught. Educators need to take a lot of their time to make sure that the exceptional learner understands promptly.

ConclusionToday, several methods have been advanced on how the exceptional learners can be educated so that they can feel equal to the non-exceptional learners. Many researchers have carried out various studies on how to control the problems of the students with disabilities. This has been done by modifying strides, technology, and even therapy. The public educational body is trying to embrace on the measures to be taken so that educators or teachers can understand the exceptional learners so that they can also be successful in their lives.