Specific Examples Of A Patriot In Jeff Shaara’s Rise To Rebellion

Specific Examples Of A Patriot In Jeff Shaara’s Rise To Rebellion

A patriot to me is a person who selflessly identifies himself with his country, people or nation. It might be in the context of the people who fought for the liberation of their countries from colonial masters, someone who does not care about risking his/her life for the good of his country. A patriot is simply a person who fights to the end and does not surrender until he/she wins.

In the book rise to rebellion by Jeff Shaara, patriotism is evident to a great extent. The fist instance of patriotism is the ceremony of citizens which took place during the 18th of March the year 2009. The immigrants emanating from sixty three countries in attendance during the event were mainly in attendance so as to hold similar Americans freedoms today CITATION Jef01 l 1033 (Jeff). The off springs of the people who contributed majorly during the American Daughters Revolution otherwise known as independence fight during the American Revolution, steered the new inhabitants via the Allegiance pledge to the American flag which of course their loud voices dominated a huge room. The fact that they sang with joy, pride and happiness within their voices was a undeniable evidence of the patriotism that dominated their world.

The American youths were also patriots in hat they shared in the ideas of their previous fathers. At some point an HTHCV student asserted that he was proud to be an American. Some other student also shared the same sentiments towards America by asserting that if lots of things were being said against America, then he should be striving to say positive things to neutralize it (Jeff). The ideas of the past about patriotism still penetrate towards America’s current young population, and that pride is still firm among the American youth.

The other patriots are such as John Adams who was an attorney with great ideas and dedicated to the law, he rose to eminence through the power of his speeches and defended those who fought for the liberation of America in court. Ben Franklin is also another patriot, the fact that is the most celebrated individual of his time and elder and daring philosopher and investor who withstands actual intimidating discrimination by the British government and does not give up. The other patriot is Thomas Gage who is a general in the British army assigned the complex role of bringing down a rebellion from the colony without igniting war. Other patriots are Washington George the elegant Virginian whose experience in the battlefield in the Indian and French war earns him the acknowledgement that promotes him to a colonial army commander. He also was a fascinating leader who actually kept his army together in realizing a less expected victory.

Charles Cornwallis was also another patriot a British general who did not tolerate nonsense in the battlefield. We also have Nathaniel Greene who was also a general in the British army who was elevated from the shadows to emerge as the best commander in the battlefield in the army led by Washington. I cannot also forget Marquis de Lafayette a Frenchman of tender age who brought America the soldier’s enthusiasm. Franklin Benjamin was also a patriot in that his brilliance in philosophy and science were so helpful in making him the best statesman of his time. There so many other patriotic icons from the initial colonial struggle family Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Abigael Adams, Richard Henry and Joseph Warren were captured fighting for the beautiful land of America.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY Jeff, Shaara. Rise to rebellion. New York : Ballantine Books, 2001.

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