Speech at Cory Methodist Church by Malcolm X

Speech at Cory Methodist Church by Malcolm X

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Speech at Cory Methodist Church by Malcolm X

The speech delivered by Malcolm X at Cory Methodist Church is known as The Ballot or the Bullet. This speech was delivered on April 3, 1964. Malcolm X delivered the speech during a year of election in which blacks were expected to participate. During this time, racism and segregation against black were high. The speech is overtly directed to African Americans, although there is a covert subtext for the Americans that it is time for a change. Malcolm X’s speech aimed to persuade Black Americans to stop fighting against each other, unite, and stand up against the Whites’ oppression and degradation. According to Malcolm X, such unity can effect radical change, whether by force (the bullet) or by effective use of democratic processes (the ballot). Throughout his speech, Malcolm X strived to encourage African Americans to stand up for their rights as well as their rights to vote. Malcolm X also stressed that African Americans have full equality like other races.

Malcolm X speaks from the viewpoint of a victim. At the beginning of his speech, he explains that although he is a Muslim, he is not there to discuss his religion. He further states that he is not interested in discussing their differences. He urges his audience that it is time for them to submerge their differences and realize that they are dealing with the same problem that affects them all. He further explains that even though they are fighting against the oppression inflicted on them by the whites they are anti-white by putting it clear that it means that they are anti-degradation, anti-exploitation, and anti-oppression. He tells the whites if they need the African Americans to be anti-white, they must stop exploiting, degrading, and oppressing them.

Additionally, Malcolm X claims that the Democratic Party has failed in its promise to push through pertinent civil rights legislation successfully. Although democrats blame the Dixiecrats, Malcolm X believes both are at fault. He further explains that there exists no difference between the Dixiecrats and the democrats, apart from that the Dixiecrats are committed to overt discrimination, while democrats manipulate the democratic process through gerrymandering, making the black vote useless. Malcolm X also reveals that both the Republican and Democratic parties are not interested in promoting equality, but constituents from both works to block the civil rights legislation.

Furthermore, Malcolm X condemns the congressmen and the senators violation of the constitutional amendments that assure citizens of that specific county or state the right to vote. He explains that the constitution contains a piece of machinery that expels representatives from a state where the people’s voting rights are violated. According to Malcolm X, expelling such individuals would bring a positive change to Congress since it would mean that obstacles in the path of real meaningful legislation in the country are removed. He further explicates that new legislation is not required when these individuals are removed. Instead, these people are replaced by black representatives from districts and countries where the black man is in the majority.

On a different note, Malcolm X argues that government conspiracy is a major problem in the US. He informs the African Americans that people who put blocks on their path are the people they elect in the government. He further emphasizes that the government is responsible for their oppression and their degradation and is the one that deprives them of their voting rights, decent education, economic opportunities, and decent housing. He informs the African Americans that it is their responsibility to change the situation through a ballot or bullet.

In his speech, Malcolm X also emphasizes the need for political, economic, and social philosophies of Black nationalism. According to him, it is only through economic aid of the black-operated and black-owned businesses that African-American communities will grow and thrive. He explains that feeding money into the community promotes African Americans’ self-efficiency, which allows them to gain freedom from the white supremacy’s economic strength. According to Malcolm, such continued support will eventually lead to the development of self-governed localities.

Malcon X also claims that in a situation where the government has shown its unwillingness in incapacity to defend the property and lives of Negros, Negros need to defend themselves. He reminds them of their right to own a shotgun or a rifle. However, he tells them that they must not engage in illegal things. In the case where a white man does not want a black man to buy shotguns and rifles, African Americans should let the government intervene. He also claims that it is now time for civil rights to be considered a human right and treated as such. He recommends taking this issue to the United Nations (UN) and trying America in the International Court of Justice for violating human rights and genocide.

In my opinion, the ballot or the bullet was a very influential speech. Malcolm needed to stand up for their rights and their rights to vote since this was the only way they could do away with oppression and degradation inflicted on them by the whites. This speech also helped African Americans realize that they had the same power as the whites. I also believe urging the African Americans to ensure that they did not engage in illegal actions was wise since they would be considered lawbreakers. This means that he believed that the law must be followed whatever actions he was advocating for.