Spiritual Health Journey

Spiritual Health Journey

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Spiritual Health Journey

What matters most to me is the fact that all humans need love. This is because even those who behave as if they do not need it, maybe they have been hurt so many times and are not willing to accept being hurt again, but they still need love. I firmly believe that love is the most important thing. This is shown by being kind, compassionate, and therefore someone when they are really in need. With this kind of attitude driving me, it is elementary to fit in since showing kindness and love is everything human.

I have had a rather mediocre period of my spirituality, however last month, I began attending church services, and I have been thinking about my spirituality. Therefore from what I have heard in the church, I firmly stand to love one another and forgive. I believe this will nurture me in the right way, and I will not be able to go astray or become lukewarm. My goals with the spirituality of love and kindness are;

Forgive everyone who has offended me and tell them that I have forgiven them

Pray more for those who hurt me and especially those who hurt me willingly

Do more charity work, listen to my suffering friends, and try to help them where I can

One of my goals, forgiving, was very difficult when I began, and some people I had said I would never forgive were still in my mind. So I went out and sought help from my pastor, and I got to know that it was all about me. I was healing myself by forgiving and I had to decide whether I wanted peace and inner healing or continued hatred, which has adverse effects on my health. Therefore I decided that I wanted peace, and I went ahead to forgive everyone. I feel relieved of a very big burden and hope to remain this happy and free for long from now on.

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