Sports Medicine Clinic of Conway

June 1, 2016[Address Block]Dear [FirstName],It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Sports Medicine Clinic of Conway where we offer the finest care to athletes and active people in the central region of Arkansas. Our reputation is built on the experience and training of highly skilled Physical Therapists and Athletic trainers like you. As you can see from the following table, you are in good company.New Employees

First NameLast Name CredentialsStreet AddressCity State Zip Days WorkingSalaryJustin Ebert M.S., ATC34234 S. Callie PlaceConway AR 72032 Monday-Friday$68,000Karen RakowskiATC, PT98234 E. Shepherd LaneConway AR 72032 Monday-Friday$65,000Mike SalatM.S., ATC2342 W. Cardinal StreetConway AR 72032 Monday-Thursday$65,000Average =$66,.000The demand for our services has exceeded our abilities in the past year, so our administration has gladly invested an average salary of $66,000 in the clinic so that we can hire the best Physical Therapists around. We are eager to see you in the clinic [DaysWorking] to work with patients and consult with doctors.If you have any questions about the employment resources available at the Sports Medicine Clinic, please don’t hesitate to ask. Again, we look forward to seeing you in three weeks!

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