Sri Lanka is a country that enjoys a myriad of career opportunities

Sri Lanka is a country that enjoys a myriad of career opportunities. A foreigner requires a Sri Lankan visa to explore such opportunities. The global development index indicates a substantial growth in the number of jobs available online for Sri Lanka. The number of career opportunities has also been on the rise, enabling both locals and foreigners explore their passions alike. The Sri Lanka visa has provided a unique opportunity for all to work and live in Sri Lanka, with the full rights of a citizen. Sri Lanka visa is available in all immigration offices in the various consulates across the world. Interested applicants are encouraged to fill application forms and wait for the visa-processing period as required.


Sri Lanka is endowed with a strong economy that harbours most of its labour force within its economy. Most of the careers available in this economy and the education system are distributed across the various spheres of the economy. The leadership remains indiscriminate in their hiring, providing opportunities for many of the graduates irrespective of the course pursued in the course of their training. This skill- gap has been bridged efficiently through retraining of the workforce, making labour mobility higher and reliable. Employees from less lucrative areas have been able to receive more training to fine-tune them to match the required skillset for other sectors. The increasing levels of entrepreneurship from the locals and the international entrepreneurs through the Sri Lanka visa have been a wave of change that has brought tremendous business success into the country.

Career opportunities online

The Sri Lankan economy is an economy that strongly relies on the internet for product sale and purchases. The markets are characterised by a strong investment in online marketing. The economy has a significant population working on web-based jobs that allow them to work from their homes or their favourite cafes. Online jobs range from marketing, web design, freelance to online contracting. Increasingly, the internet has been used as a platform that allows the citizens to access important information and data increasing the geographical mobility of the labour force through information provision.

Formal careers in Sri Lanka

The formal sector in Sri Lanka employs about 36% of the total labour force while the rest is employed in the informal sector. The formal sector has been on the rise owed to the increased levels of education and the increased labour migration due to the Sri Lanka visa. The visa has allowed labour inflow into the country allowing a larger participation from foreign membership across the globe. Agriculture is a major player in the overall employment and careers consequently. About 84.3% of the informal employment in Sri Lanka is in agriculture.

Informal careers in Sri Lanka

63.5% is the population proportion of labour force under the informal sector. These statistics show that most of the career opportunities in Sri Lanka are agriculture based. However, agribusiness has come up as one of the most promising ventures in modern agriculture. Sri Lanka has become a global icon in agribusiness making it a flourishing part of the entire economy.