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Personal Statement



Personal statement

Emergency Management and Homeland Security loom large in my mind due to its outstanding nature. Attaining a masters degree in that field has always been a dream, and more so when the degree is offered at Arkansas Tech University. At such a period when the world experiences major emergency activities, it would be in the best of interests that I pursue the degree so that I can become useful in matters that will preserve humanity. In addition, my research interests will have been taken care of in the long run.

Arkansas Tech University provides a very ideal environment for me to develop all my cross-disciplinary interests. Particularly, my field of interest is Emergency Management and Homeland security, which is a unique options distinguishing Arkansas Tech University’s graduate program from that of other universities. The nature of the graduate program would foster fruitful discussions with many other departments in the institution. Thus, this would broaden and enrich my research and also my general understanding.

I have got various career goals that I want to meet after my graduate program. One such goal is to ensure that I become professional and ethical in the course of my career. Another goal is to ensure that I gain theoretical and Practical Knowledge of basic emergency procedures and equipment. I will also aim at attaining a strong mental and physical health to carry out emergency tasks under stress. A master’s degree will assure me of a proper job that would leave me satisfied in the end. Additionally, studying in Arkansas Tech University will equip me with the knowledge that I have always been yearning for. The institution is reputable due to the quality of education that is offered to students.