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The world is slowly transforming itself into a global village environment. As such information is spreading faster than bush fire from one corner of the world to another. The business environment has gone high tech as more and more business people adopt technological means of transacting. One can carry out a transaction while in the comfort of one’s office with another person in the same position miles away thanks to developments in information technology. It is imperative therefore that business managers acquit themselves with the developments in information technology to aid them in their communication if they are to keep abreast with business developments around the world. Being technologically suave is no longer an option for business managers. It is key to acquiring relevant and important information in the business environment. It is very important to create a conducive and trust worthy networks from which one can acquire very relevant and important information without wasting a lot of time researching. (Certo 2009)

Business managers also need to develop the habit of reading and studying. Without reading, you cannot get most of the information required in the business world. Information in the business world goes stale in a very short period of time. That which was relevant some few hours ago might not make sense that very same day. Though there is some universal timeless knowledge, most of what is passed around goes stale within no time. (Gomez-Mejia, David and Robert 2008)

It is therefore very important for business managers to keep updating themselves by reading important business journals and books as well as keep themselves abreast with the current trends and happenings in the mainstream media. For instance, it is important for business managers to have time for news and also develop a habit of going through news papers and other relevant publications. All in all for success in the business world, there is no short cut; one must be up to date.


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