Steps in the planning process

Steps in the planning process

Analysis of the situation this is the process of gathering and interpreting and summarizing the information needed to the issue being planned about.

Seeking alternative goals and plans – this is the step where alternative plans and steps to be taken are evaluated. Steps that may be taken to achieve the same goal are considered.

Evaluation of the goal and plan- the goal and plan are highly scrutinized to see the advantages, the effects and the disadvantages they may have.

Selection of the goal and plan- after evaluation of the goal and plan, an appropriate goal is selected.

Implementation- all resources needed to achieve the goal are pulled together and the plan is put into action.

Monitoring and control- this is continued follow up of the plan to see that everything is being done according to the plan.

The most crucial step is implementation, this is the step that determines whether the plan will work or not. After selecting the appropriate plan, the implementation process begins.

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