Strategic Implementation

1-    Writers Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argue that the growth of the digital economy is associated with the stagnation of median household income in developed economies. Summarise and evaluate their argument about this and other characteristics of the digital economy and its potential effect on an organisation that you are familiar with.

  2-    Porter and Kramer (2006, p.2) argue, “The prevailing approaches to CSR are so disconnected from business as to obscure many of the greatest opportunities for companies to benefit society.” Critically discuss this statement in relation to the strategic purpose of the firm.

  3-    Drawing on examples, critically discuss how organisations can manage cyber-security in a responsible manner.

    The questions to be structured as follows:

a)      Introduction (150 words)

b)      Critical review (800 words)(to include minimum of 3 citations in each question, in this section it’s important to provide original and critical contents throughout this section. Must present real life examples or cases.)

c)       Conclusion (100 words)

d)      References (minimum 6 per answer – Harvard style)

Each question should be 1000 words. All questions will require explanations        

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