Strategic Management: Toyota Case

A suggested structure of the report is shown below:

* Executive summary (300 words)

* An overview of the whole strategic review contained within the report Strategic review (2200 words)

* A strategic analysis of the organization

* Environmental analysis

* Resources and competence analysis

* Recommendations for future development

* TOWS matrix and/or Ansoff matrix to generate strategic options.Review two or more options against the criteria of suitability, feasibility and acceptability.

* Recommendations

* References (not included in word count)

* Appendices of supporting material (not included in word count)

Coursework general guidance notes:

You must not do any primary research. All research should be conducted using secondary sources only. Diagrams and charts can be in appendices or throughout the body of the report. This is a style issue and is therefore up to you. In text referencing is part of the word count, but the references list is not. Normal rules apply as regards plagiarism. Turnitin will be available for you to check your work. A contents page and page numbers are required. An executive summary should summarize the key points/findings in the report. It is not a plan of what you intend to do. You are not required to provide critique of tools and models in this report. Appendices are optional and must not exceed 5 pages. They should support the main body of the report. If you need to, use appendices but there is no need to create masses of additional material.